Advertising with Quaqua

Quaqua accepts paid advertising on its website. Specifications are as follows:

Button Ads

1) 80 pixels wide x 40 pixels high, jpg or gif file, single image with no animation.

2) 125 pixels wide x 125 pixels high, gif or jpg, maximum 20k.

Vertical Ads

3) 200 pixels wide x 145 pixels high, maximum 20k.

4) 200 pixels wide x 300 pixels high, maximum 20k.

Banner Ads

5) 230 pixels wide x 60 pixels high, gif or jpg, maximum 20k.

6) 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high, gif or jpg, maximum 20k.

Prices vary, depending upon the A) size of the advertisement, B) specific page placement of the advertisement, C) number of pages on which the advertisement appears, D) length of placement for the advertisement, E) going market rates for equivalent advertising opportunities, F) form of payment, which may include payment "in kind" for goods or services, and G) status of the advertiser as an early, loyal, and/or repeating supporter of Quaqua.

Advertising revenue is applied to scholarship funds, basic operational costs of the Quaqua website, and technical costs associated with the posting of a particular advertisement.

For more information, contact Quaqua at