Advisory Board 
The Board of Trustees may constitute a temporary or permanent Advisory Board, with or without sub-committees or task forces. The Advisory Board has no formal legal, administrative, or voting power over Quaqua or its operations and programs.  The Board of Trustees by majority vote may select, remove, or limit the tenure of members of the Advisory Board. 

As directed by the Board of Trustees, the Advisory Board advises members of the Quaqua administration and assist in the completion of other tasks necessary to expedite administration of Quaqua, its operations and programs. The Advisory Board may also be used as a means for screening and assessing individuals who are being considered for other Quaqua positions. 

No expenditure, contract, or obligation, or cumulation of the same authorized within the same six-month period, totaling more than $5,000, may be incurred on behalf of Quaqua without the signed consent of a majority of the Board of Trustees. No individual member of Quaqua, regardless of their position, has actual or apparent authority to act on behalf of Quaqua in a contrary manner. The Advisory Board and its individual members cannot incur expenditures, contracts, or obligations on behalf of Quaqua.

The Advisory Board is subject to, inter alia, conflict-of-interest rules.