Auditing Policy
The Quaqua Society utilizes properly approved accounting practices to supervise the collection, deposit, conversion, use, and disbursement of Quaqua funds.

Upon request of an applicant, the Chief Executive Officer, the Board, or the Committee, and resolution of any applicable conflict of interest issues, the auditors may temporarily assign a false identity to an application when, in their judgment, such a step is needed to ensure fair treatment of the applicant in the selection process or to address other compelling considerations (e.g. asylum status, political duress surrounding applicant, witness protection issues, averting accusations of favoritism).  The Committee shall always identify at least one reserve applicant winner for each category of assistance, in the event that problems emerge with respect to the first applicant chosen or the winner proves to be a “false identify” applicant.

Auditors may, with or without the authorization of the Board, submit fictitious applications for purposes of monitoring the integrity of selection procedures.

No budget is acceptable unless it: