How to Contribute to Quaqua
We greatly appreciate your interest. Contributing to the Quaqua Society will be well worth your investment.

We encourage you to thoroughly inform yourself about the Society before contributing by thoroughly examining the Society website. The "Disclosures and Disclaimers" page and the Society's By-Laws are particularly instructive.

The Quaqua Society is committed to maximizing the percentage of each donation that goes directly to the scholarship payments. Volunteers are utilized to minimize labor costs. Overhead expenditure is confined to postal, stationary, computer, award ceremony, and other essential expenses. In order to maximize cooperation and minimize costs, award ceremonies and process are conducted with the cooperation of other home-education organizations, conventions, and publications. Some funds will be used to underwrite other fund-raising costs, such as mailing or advertising, and necessary professional services.

The Quaqua Society will not deliberately share information gathered for processing donations or volunteers to any outside entities, except where express written consent is given in advance or where disclosure is unavoidably and properly compelled by a court order.

Commercial entities, organizations, and individuals making a substantial contribution (usually $300 or more) that is duly accepted by the Society shall, in general but NOT as a guaranteed legal or contractual right, have the option of having their identity noted for no less than twelve (12) months on a Quaqua site page thanking sponsors of home education and home-educated graduates.

To indicate your interest in being a possible contributor to Quaqua, please submit the following form:

Please tell us about yourself.

Name Age Sex F M

Address City State Zip


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How did you hear about Quaqua?

friend radio/television magazine/newspaper flyer

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Please tell us about your interest in the Quaqua Society.

Please tell us how you would like to support our efforts.


How do you prefer to be contacted?

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Hit the submit button to send your information.

The form above is NOT a electronic solicitation or fund submission mechanism. Your submission is merely a statement of future interest. Your submission with the above form is NOT a legally-binding commitment of ANY kind (to make immediate payment, use PayPal below). Please DO NOT submit any credit card numbers or other personal financial information through the non-secure form above. Quaqua currently accepts contributions from individuals at large ONLY when, at their own volition and convenience, they A) use PayPal or B) write a check and POST it to Quaqua as directed by the "Contacting the Quaqua Society" page under the "Resources" section of Quaqua's site. Your submission does not subject Quaqua to any legal duty or obligation whatsoever, except to keep your information confidential within the Society once the Society has received it.

To mail a donation to Quaqua, please take the following steps:

1) Make your check out to "Quaqua Society, Incorporated."

2) Be sure your e-mail address is on the check so that we can send you a confirmation code that you can print as proof of a donation for tax-deduction purposes. You are free to request or re-request your confirmation code by post at any time for tax purposes or verification of proper deposit.

3) Write "For Deposit To Wells Fargo Account Only" on the face of the check.

4) Post the check to:

Quaqua Society, Incorporated
Attn: Treasurer – Contribution
P.O. Box 112402
Salt Lake City, Utah

Contribution checks to Quaqua are deposited in an account with Wells Fargo Bank, and Quaqua checks drawn off this account are carefully monitored, restricted, and audited. Please also make a note if you wish to be considered for possible future membership or a volunteer position with the Quaqua Society.

The kindness of strangers is an integral component of a sound civic society, the well-being of youth, and a healthy intellectual community. Thank you very much for your support.

For your convenience, we also accept PayPal