Important Site Disclosures And Disclaimers
1) The Quaqua Society will operate strictly as a non-profit, charitable, tax-exempt, corporate foundation. Donations to Quaqua are tax-deductible.

2) Prospective contributors and participants are strongly encouraged to thoroughly read all pages of the web site before making a final decision to contribute their resources to the Quaqua Society. The Articles and By-Laws have been made available on the Quaqua Society web site to facilitate full and informed disclosure by contributors and participants.

3) Any mention of other organizations, internet links, published works, legal cases, or personalities by the Quaqua Society web site shall not be understood to constitute an formal organizational endorsement or warranty of the referenced organizations or persons or material. The same is true of the ideas, products, or representations promoted through such referenced sources. Without making an affirmative definition of Quaqua's responsibilities, we also expressly disclaim all responsibility for any action taken A) by any individual who has not been formally accepted by Quaqua for a defined volunteer capacity, B) by any Quaqua volunteer which exceeded the scope of their authority, including limitations on scope of authority noted on the Quaqua website, or C) by any individual not listed on the Quaquaq website as an authorized volunteer, or affirmatively designated as an authorized volunteer through a personalized communication from a Quaqua Trustee, Quaqua Chief Executive Officer, or Quaqua Treasurer.

4) The Quaqua Society has obtained copyright and service mark protection for its website expressions and symbols. The Society will take any legal steps necessary to prevent unauthorized use of its intellectual property, to guard against dilution, and to protect its promotional interests. However, the Society will typically allow the media, non-profit organizations, and individuals to make authorized and beneficial use of the Society's intellectual property. We usually require no fee, or a minimal fee, for such use.

5) To the extent that the simplified web site summary explanations or translations may be construed to have a different meaning than the English rendition of the Articles and By-Laws, the English language in the Articles and By-Laws shall constitute the complete and governing guidance for the Quaqua Society and its representations to the public.

6) Implementation of all the planned aspects of a charitable foundation requires a great deal of work over an extended period of time. It simply is not possible to implement all aspects of the Quaqua Society By-Laws instantaneously or without some adaptation. Consequently, and pursuant to the By-Laws, during the first seven years of Quaqua's existence the Promoters and the Board shall have power to temporarily override, modify, or disregard various provisions set forth within the By-Laws, except to the extent that such decisions would defeat the fundamental purposes of the Quaqua or violate a duty unavoidably imposed by law. The By-Laws recognize the need for various types of flexibility in the governance of the Quaqua Society.

7) The Quaqua Society will not purposely avail itself of any locality, jurisdiction, or nation where the Society's activities would conflict with valid and applicable governing law. The Quaqua Society reserves the right to take remedial measures at any time needed to disavow and retract from any inadvertent impermissible contact with a locality or a person residing in that locality. Persons and entities dealing with the Society assume the risk of such action.

8) The Quaqua Society supports the concept of families and marriage between man and woman. The Society's eligibility requirements for membership, volunteer participation, and selection for awards are minimal and broadly inclusive. However, the Society does strongly insist upon observance of all standards set forth in the By-Laws. The Quaqua Society will do its best to see that these standards are observed with respect to any activity or function with a nexus to A) the imprimatur of the Society or B) the well-being of minors and other participants. The Society reserves its right to determine how to best do this with its limited resources, and to take remedial or corrective action to address any challenge that is brought to its attention.

9) The Society reserves the right to deem any scholarship applicant, or any prospective or current participant, automatically unqualified in terms of substantive merit if that applicant or participant displays an inability to thoroughly read, understand, and comply with all the explanations and directions that are set forth in the web site, relevant applications, or the By-Laws. The Society also reserves the right to process nominees who are proactively identified pursuant to provision 2.7 of the By-Laws.

10) Applicants, participants, and signatory sponsors of minor applicants waive their right to sue the Quaqua Society for civil damages, for any reason connected with Quaqua and its programs and operations, to the maximum extent permitted under local or otherwise applicable law, including contract law, tort law, civil rights law, trust law, and constitutional law, and agree that the participant or applicant or minor applicant's signatory parent or guardian or sponsor shall fully reimburse Quaqua for the costs, fees, expenses, and other monetary outlays associated with a fraudulant act or unsuccessful legal action filed by, as applicable, an applicant or participant. A fraudulent act includes submission of an application known to materially false or misleading. This approach exists to thwart dishonest applicants and prevent any litigious or unsportsmanlike individual from diverting Quaqua funds from intended award recipients to a defense against a frivolous lawsuit. Careful reading may be required for some individuals to understand Quaqua and its strictures. Sponsors of applicants and other third parties are invited to submit questions to Quaqua or consult their own legal counsel if they feel unclear about something they have read.