The Quaqua Society and Diversity
The Society's functions and awards are structured to serve the greatest feasible number of alternative educators, taking into account current logistical, social, political, and economic factors.

Quaqua does not promote or oppose philosophical or religious ecumenicalism. We do not attempt to eliminate, trivialize, or ignore the significant differences present among the diverse religions, philosophies, cultures and pedagogies represented within the worldwide home-education community.

The Society does, however, encourage home educators to act as responsible members of their community. We work with people of differing backgrounds to build upon common ground and promote basic public virtue, public order, individual liberty, practical wisdom, disciplined creativity, and societal progress.

Quaqua promotes an approach based upon personal merit, objective economic need, and strategic organizational considerations, rather than demographic preferences or quotas. We encourage home-education activity in diverse demographic settings.

The Quaqua Society encourages home educators, and society at large, to preserve their unique personal identities and distinctive cultural heritages. People of all backgrounds should be treated with civility, respect, deference, and dignity.

Quaqua is committed to working with existing home-education organizations to fulfill our purpose, execute Society programs and operations, and promote the general well-being of the home-education community.