Why You Should Get Involved

Your contribution to Quaqua will make a meaningful and lasting difference. We welcome and appreciate your interest, even if you have no previous involvement in alternative education or have been heavily involved in government-sponsored education.

Quaqua was organized by a former home-education graduate as a service to the home-education community. Quaqua is open to the diverse home-education community on an equal, even-handed, inclusive, and transparent basis.

With Quaqua, the focus is upon the true stars of the home-education and alternative education movement: students all over the world who are quietly yet boldly achieving excellence in many fields, thereby making great contributions to the world around them. Quaqua's focus is to help these achievers on an individual basis, in the most efficient and fair manner possible, with recognition and support. We also want to help the home-education community share its greatest examples of achievement with the general public.

Home education and alternative education is an very old practice that has always sold itself to each successive generation through outstanding results. Educational choice exists and flourishes because individual citizens and families have worked hard (and often anonymously) to educate themselves and do their duty. Consequently, Quaqua prefers to advance the cause of alternative education by spotlighting home-education students. Their results do the talking.

To the greatest degree practicable, Quaqua does not attempt to market a particular curriculum, push a specific pedagogy, exact membership fees, promote one or more individual personalities, or advance commercial or political or organizational interests unrelated to home education and parental rights. Quaqua's governance and participation is not restricted on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, educational pedagogy, political party, geographic locale, disability, or income level. We do not attempt to supplant other alternative-education organizations. Instead, we cooperate with them.

Quaqua is here to help as best we can, and we are genuinely interested in your suggestions. Your contributions encourage other donors to make large or matching gifts. If you are the type of person who enjoys civic activity, service for the youth, and advancement of educational progress, Quaqua is the choice for you!

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