Microgrant and Economic Need Assistance

The Quaqua Society has awarded a 2005 Needs Assistance Grant to the Youth Development Centre in Limbe, Cameroon.

Children in many parts of Africa, including the Cameroon, often receive little formal educational instruction. Even students who meet in a government-funded school structure (typically an open concrete building with no electricity or running water) frequently lack basic educational supplies and must rely upon private charities to provide the educational curriculum.

Headed by Coordinator Akang Samuel Mwene, the Youth Development Centre cooperates with other charities and grant organizations to help Cameroon youth learn life skills and agricultural techniques for subsistence farming.

After reviewing Quaqua's website, Coordinator Mwene applied for a need grant to support acquisition of basic educational supplies for the Centre.

In response, the Quaqua Society teamed up with Hooked On Phonics to provide curriculum materials for the Centre to use in teaching English. English ability will help the youth to participate in commercial opportunities and enhance their long-term educational prospects.

Quaqua believes that assistance in developing countries should empower self-motivated residents to find customized, culturally-appropriate, practical, local solutions for their own economic and educational challenges. We are pleased to assist the Youth Development Centre with its efforts to unlock the potential of the youth in Cameroon.