The Quaqua Society and Political Activities
The Quaqua Society does not attempt to directly influence legislation. Quaqua does not intervene in political campaigns in any way that is prohibited by the Internal Revenue Code. Quaqua abides by other relevant Internal Revenue Service restrictions upon 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entities.

No individual, except for the Chief Executive Officer, a Trustee, or an explicitly authorized attorney, accountant, or agent, may purport to lobby on behalf of Quaqua or to state the official political or legal position of Quaqua.

Quaqua does not promote or oppose philosophical or religious ecumenicalism. The Society does not attempt to eliminate, trivialize, or ignore significant differences among the diverse religions, philosophies, cultures and pedagogies represented within the worldwide home-education community. Quaqua does, however, encourage home educators to act as responsible members of their community by working with others of differing backgrounds to identify and build upon common ground. Quaqua supports cooperation needed to promote basic public virtue, public order, individual liberty, practical wisdom, disciplined creativity, and societal progress.

The focus of Quaqua is upon the common ground and consensus that exists within the home-education community. Quaqua espouses the example of the Framers of the United States Constitution and the Founders of the United States as people who, despite their imperfections and the diversity of personal worldviews which they held, managed to build upon common ground and greatly advance the civic progress of people around the world.  The Society is mindful that many different people from many different demographic backgrounds have been responsible for fighting the landmark legal cases that have impacted parental and religious liberties and the availability of access to alternative education.

Quaqua is open to alternative educators, including home educators, unschoolers, home schoolers, correspondence students, distance learners, private school graduates, and other service-minded individuals. Quaqua also welcomes volunteers who are public school graduates and have no previous involvement in alternative education. Quaqua has no restrictions on participation based upon race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, worldview, political party, disability status, veteran status, employer identity, income, geographic residence, citizenship, organizational affiliation, pedagogy, curriculum, or (to the extent legally and logistically practicable) age.

Individuals who espouse ecumenical views are allowed to participate fully in Quaqua on committees and as Financial Assistance Program recipients, so long as they do not attempt to use Quaqua positions or resources to overtly promote such ideas or practices. Individuals who espouse demographic preferences or quotas based upon demographic characteristics are allowed to participate fully in Quaqua on committees and as scholarship recipients, so long as they do not attempt to use Quaqua positions or resources to promote such ideas or practices.

No funds, instrumentalities, or other official assistance from the Quaqua may be used in any way for facilitating or discussing matters related to contraception, abortion, or population control.  The Society is not equipped to address such matters in any manner or to take any official position regarding them, and the Society respects the prerogative of parents to discuss such issues with their own children. Quaqua does encourage individuals to 1) address these important issues through other avenues of social participation, 2) facilitate appropriate communication between parents and children about these and other topics, and 3) utilize alternatives to abortion in their own lives.

Quaqua is the first scholarship and awards program of any kind open to all alternative educators throughout the United States (not to mention throughout the world). Quaqua is also the first, and only, scholarship and awards program for alternative educators which is at once tax-exempt, charitable, merit-based, procedurally controlled, and free from any eligibility restrictions based upon geographic locale, demographic characteristics, or organizational affiliation. We are proud of our unique organizational design. We are excited about our opportunity to showcase the excellence of alternative educators around the world.