Purpose of the Quaqua Society
The Quaqua Society, Incorporated exists to symbolize, facilitate, and promote the spirit of unity, diversity, excellence, and values shared by the many members of the worldwide alternative-education community.

The shared values of the alternative-education community include a commitment to the following:

1) Use of family institutions and self-directed education to attain the highest levels of achievement,

2) Advancement, protection, instillation, enhancement, and dissemination of information, legal principles, customs, and practices that are required for universal, meaningful access to alternative education, and

3) Investment in students, leaders, and institutions connected with alternative education, through scholarships, grants, micro-grant learning circles, the internet, and other means, in ways that are calculated to help overcome poverty and other crippling barriers to meaningful, self-directed, family-based education.

Quaqua encourages flexibility and innovation at the local level to find ways to empower parents in their efforts to raise unique and excellent children.