Talent Award

Anarie White of Richmond, Utah, is the recipient of a 2003 Quaqua Talent Award for her musical excellence.

Anarie took First Place in the 2003 Utah State Fair Piano Competition. She won Second Place in the 2003 and 2002 Utah State University Piano Festivals, First Place in the 2001 International Festival for Creative Artists, and First or Second in six other piano competitions. She did this in a state where piano competition is a contact sport.

Her talent in piano is both deep and wide. She has demonstrated ability to improvise, compose, accompany, play ensemble, sight-read, memorize, complete the technic levels, use aural skills, teach piano, and perform in competition. She also plays the flute, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Anarie's talent portfolio, a videotape showing her performances of various piano compositions (including her own compositions), radiated a love for music and a genuine passion for her pursuit. She has a rare ability to make the listener feel like an equal participant in the musical experience she creates.

Anarie also has a well-rounded academic and personal background. She had a composite American College Test score of 31, placing her at the 98th percentile. She took several advanced placement courses at a local high school, earning a perfect 4.0 grade point average. She has read a large collection of classic literature, studied Esperanto, perused numerous biographies, stayed physically-fit, acquired business skills, and competed in 4-H. Anarie has learned to sew, cross-stitch, and embroider.

Her civic involvement included actively support of state home-education organizations, in-depth study of political science, collaboration in a club called the "Freedom Scholars," and participation in religious study and worship.

The Quaqua Society is proud to honor Anarie White as a talented home-educated individual who has demonstrated the excellence during the past year. The Society anticipates that she will continue to make many important contributions to home education and the general society for years to come.