How to Volunteer

The Quaqua society invites you to assist in providing an unprecedented public service. By giving your time to assist in the Society's efforts, you will be putting children and their accomplishments first. Many volunteer projects are flexible in terms of the time commitment necessary, allowing participants to work meaningful service into their busy lifestyles.

You need not have any experience in alternative, private, or home education to be helpful. Many Quaqua volunteers have had no previous dealings with the alternative-education community. There are many ways you can help us reach out to the general public.

On a case-by-case basis, and depending on need and its own discretion, Quaqua also cooperates with various collegiate externship programs designed to provide students with college credit for their hands-on organizational experience. For example, Brigham Young University has granted college credit to students doing marketing and public relations projects for Quaqua. Students in education, accounting, information management, business, youth leadership, organizational behavior, law, and related fields are also eligible to do Quaqua externships if they obtain formal consent from their sponsoring college. Applicants who are former externs are subject to special screening and conflict-of-interest procedures.

Take a moment to fill out the form below and indicate your interest in volunteering for Quaqua. No information will be shared with outside entities except where required by law.

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This is NOT a electronic solicitation or fund submission mechanism. Please DO NOT submit any credit card numbers or other personal financial information in this non-secure website. Your submission is merely a statement of interest. Your submission is NOT a legally-binding commitment of ANY kind.

Quaqua currently accepts contributions from individuals at large ONLY when, at their own volition and convenience, they write a check and POST it to Quaqua as directed by the "Contacting the Quaqua Society" page under the "Resources" section of Quaqua's site. Your submission does not subject Quaqua to any legal duty or obligation whatsoever, except to keep your information confidential within the Society once the Society has received it .

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